Trust This. Business Resilience - ft. Alex Quezada

Alex Quezada is a real estate entrepreneur social media star. His background in timeshare sales taught him how to take “no” for an answer but never give up. He’s now one of the most successful players in the personal storage real estate game, and he shares how he’s learned that focusing on who, rather than how, has helped him relinquish control, focus on the big picture, and scale his business as he shoots for $100 million in assets. He discusses the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the importance of personal growth and mentorship.


* Maintain a growth mindset and continuously invest in education and coaching.
* Balance work and family by prioritizing quality time and setting clear goals. * Build high-quality relationships through masterminds and networking.
* Let go of control and hire the right team members to scale your business. Starting a real estate business requires perseverance and a strong work ethic.
* Challenges are inevitable, but they provide valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.
* Having mentors and a support system is essential for personal and professional development.
* Implementing a structured system like EOS can help streamline operations and drive business growth.

Resources Mentioned

Rich Dad Poor Dad – The # 1 Personal Finance Book of All Time

Central Florida Real Estate Investor Association (CFRI) |

Entrepreneurial Operating System for Business (EOS)

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00:00 Introduction and Background
04:57 Transition to Self Storage Business
10:00 Starting a Real Estate Business

11:56 Sales Techniques and Mindset
15:41 Balancing Work and Family
19:11 Importance of Affirmations and Goal Setting
20:00 Building a Team and Scaling

21:06 Building High-Quality Relationships
23:19 Continuous Learning and Coaching
25:07 Passion and Goals
26:25 Long-Term Goals and Becoming a Lender
27:57 Importance of Coaching and Masterminds
30:00 Challenges and Lessons Learned
31:43 Struggles and Mindset for Beginners
34:48 Importance of Tracking KPIs
40:00 Personal Growth and Mentors
40:54 Building Structure and Letting Go of Control
41:54 Influential People in Alex’s Life  
43:00 Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
45:00 Conclusion

In this conversation, Joe Seagle interviews Tom Lehmann, a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry, and founder of The A-Z of Manufactured Homes: Your Property Solutions Team. Tom shares his journey and insights into entrepreneurship, including the importance of taking action, learning from failures, and surrounding yourself with the right people. He emphasizes the need to let go of perfectionism and delegate tasks to focus on high-value activities. Tom also highlights the significance of understanding the numbers in business and removing emotions from decision-making. Overall, the conversation provides valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.


* Take action and don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from failures and use them as opportunities for growth.
* Surround yourself with the right people who can support and mentor you on your entrepreneurial journey.
* Don’t let perfectionism hinder progress. Focus on taking consistent action and making progress, even if it’s not perfect.
* Delegate tasks that are not your strengths or high-value activities to free up time for more important tasks.
* Understand the numbers and financial aspects of your business to make informed decisions and avoid emotional decision-making. Embrace failure and learn from mistakes to grow personally and professionally.
* Seek mentorship and support to accelerate your learning and overcome challenges.
* Make a difference by creating affordable housing and improving people’s lives.
* Adopt an abundance mindset and help others succeed for mutual growth and success. 

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00:00 Introduction and Tom’s Journey
01:22 Tom’s Start in Real Estate
03:00 Overcoming Challenges and Perseverance
Tom’s Passion for Affordable Housing
06:06 The Importance of Taking Action
08:36 Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good Enough
10:25 Learning from Failures
12:09 The Importance of Time Management
13:43 Surrounding Yourself with the Right People
17:20 Building High-Quality Relationships
19:50 Skipping the Need for Perfection
21:15 The Value of Time and Delegating
23:25 Unlearning the Need for Control
25:10 The Importance of Learning and Struggling
28:44 The Importance of Feedback and Self-Awareness
30:42 Unlearning the Need for Perfection
32:28 Replacing Yourself and Empowering Others
38:44 The Importance of Numbers and Removing Emotion
40:57 Embracing Failure and Learning from Mistakes
45:14 The Importance of Mentorship and Support
Creating Affordable Housing and Making a Difference
49:21 Having an Abundance Mindset and Helping Others
50:05 Looking Forward to the Future

Think Realty Podcast - Unlocking Real Estate Sucess: Land Trust Secrets Revealed

Attorney Joseph Seagle and founder of My Land Trustee is featured on the Think Realty Podcast hosted by Eddie Wilson. Joe and Eddie discuss the process of utilizing land trusts as a protective measure for real estate investments, emphasizing its relevance for individuals involved in fix-and-flip or buy-and-hold strategies. By engaging My Land Trustee before closing on a property, clients can ensure their assets are titled correctly, effectively concealing their ownership from public records. 

The discussion also addresses the distinction between utilizing land trusts and forming LLCs in states like Wyoming or Delaware, pointing out the nuanced differences in asset protection strategies. This conversation provids practical insights into the tactical and legal aspects of safeguarding real estate investments and highlighted the importance of confidentiality for property owners in protecting their assets from potential legal risks.

“People should be sued for doing bad, not for doing well.” This motto from land trust expert and attorney Joe Seagle, sets the tone for this episode’s deep dive into asset and wealth protection. 

It’s an unfortunate realty that successful individuals often become targets for lawsuits but land trusts can be a strategic tool in safeguarding assets. In this episode of Collecting Keys Podcast, Joe explains how land trusts can offer anonymity and protection for property owners, and what other options are available to real estate profrssionals and property owners if land trusts aren’t supported by their state.

Joe also explores different asset protection strategies, providing insights on the risks and tax considerations of land trusts, the differences between land trusts and LLCs, and how to use each to protect your investments. 

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In this episode of Trust This. with Joseph Seagle and Colleen Pacheco with Secured Insurance Group dive deep into the concept of land trusts and discuss the complexities of insuring properties in land trusts due to their unique ownership structures. Many people are unfamiliar with the intricacies of land trusts, and Joe Seagle explains that it’s an agreement between a trustee and a beneficiary, with the beneficiary owning and controlling the property, while the trustee’s name appears on public records.

Colleen Pacheco delves into the risks associated with not protecting your property with properly established insurance and provides real-world examples of how individuals can be targeted if their assets and properties are not shielded.

The conversation covers the growing interest in protecting privacy and assets through land trusts, even for primary residences. Joe Seagle notes that this trend has emerged as people seek to safeguard their wealth and assets, making them less visible targets for potential lawsuits or unwanted attention.

If you’re considering land trusts for your real estate holdings or want to better understand how insurance can be affected by this choice, this video offers valuable insights and practical advice.

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Josh Belk with The Josh Belk Podcast and attorney Joseph Seagle discuss the significance of land trusts and their role in asset protection. 

Seagle emphasizes the benefits of anonymtity and safeguarding property owners from legal liabilities through land trusts. He explains scenarios where nusiance suits can be deterred by using land trusts, ensuring privacy for property owners. The conversation devles into tax implications, permitting processes, and considersations when choosing between an LLC and a land trust, considering factors like control, anonymity, financing, and tax implications. Seagle wraps up the conversation by highlighting the complexities of utilizing land trusts in real estate transactions, emphaszing the importance of careful consideration and legal advice. 

The Ted Show - None of Your Business is Our Business

This conversation between Ted Bogert and Joe Seagle on The Ted Show, revolves around the concept of land trusts in real estate andtheir benefits. Joe Seagle, an attorney and in the field, explains that a land trust provides anonymiity for property owners and shields their assets from potential lawsuits or liabilities. 

Overall, Joe Seagle emphasizes the importance of using land trusts wisely, tailoring their use to specific investment strategies and seeking legal advice to maximize their benefits while minimizing risks.