Trust This with Joseph Seagle
Trust This with Joseph Seagle
Trust This. From Party Life to Entrepreneurship - ft. Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo Rosales shares his journey from troubled teen to successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He started flipping houses after being inspired by a TV show and used his W-2 job to secure financing. However, he faced challenges and learned valuable lessons along the way. After becoming a real estate entrepreneur, he realized the importance of serving others and started a virtual assistant (VA) company called Top of the Line VA to help real estate investors grow their businesses. Ricardo emphasizes the importance of self-development and unlearning bad habits to achieve personal and professional growth. He emphasizes the importance of building habits, such as practicing gratitude and reading, to foster personal growth. Ricardo also discusses how he handles naysayers and finds inspiration from mentors and family. Ricardo concludes by encouraging listeners to constantly reinvent themselves and pursue their dreams.


*Challenges are meant to be conquered, and a growth mindset is essential for success.
*Learning from experience and being open to change are crucial for personal and professional growth. *Building a successful business requires adapting to market conditions and finding new opportunities.
*Self-development and continuous learning are key to overcoming obstacles and achieving long-term success. *Building habits, such as practicing gratitude and reading, can lead to personal growth and success.
*Don’t let the opinions of naysayers discourage you. Focus on your own goals and stay true to yourself.
*Seek inspiration and guidance from mentors, family, and other successful individuals. Invest in education and personal growth to continually evolve and adapt to new opportunities.
*Transitioning from one identity to another is a natural part of personal and professional growth.
*Virtual assisting and sales and marketing can provide valuable support for real estate investors and other businesses.
*Family and mentors can serve as a constant source of inspiration and guidance.
*Constantly reinvent yourself and embrace change to pursue your dreams and achieve personal fulfillment.

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00:00 Introduction and Background
02:56 From Troubled Teen to Military Service
05:49 Entering the Oil and Gas Business
07:44 Discovering Real Estate and Flipping Houses
10:11 Challenges and Lessons Learned in Real Estate
14:56 Scaling the Flipping Business and Transitioning to Wholesaling
25:57 The Importance of Self-Development and Growth Mindset
29:04 Unlearning Bad Habits and Embracing Change
31:10 Conquering Fasting and Creating a Supportive Environment
32:52 Building Habits for Growth and Success
37:23 Handling Naysayers and Surrounding Yourself with Quality Relationships
39:34 Finding Inspiration and Mentors
42:23 Investing in Education and Personal Growth
45:30 Transitioning from Real Estate Investor to Entrepreneur
53:50 Virtual Assisting and Sales and Marketing
56:55 Inspiration from Family and Mentors
59:39 Constantly Reinventing Yourself and Conquering Your Dreams