L.T.S.C., LLC serving as registered agent for your company

Thank you for your trust and confidence in our firm’s experience, focusing on providing legal, land trust, and registered agent services for over two decades.  We would be happy to serve as registered agent for your entity.

What we do as your registered agent

When we serve as your statutory registered agent, any legal documents that must be served upon the entity will come to our office. We will then scan those documents electronically and e-mail them to you or share them with you in your client portal. It is vitally important that we always have your latest e-mail address(es) in our system. It is your responsibility to let us know each time you change your electronic or physical mailing addresses, or your phone numbers. We are not responsible if you change this information but fail to let us know so that we are unable to deliver important legal notices to you for your action.

What we charge as your registered agent

Annually, we charge $49.00 per entity for these services with invoices due by the end of each January. If not paid, there will be a late charge assessed, and we may resign as your registered agent if not paid by May 1 each year. In addition to our annual fees, we will also charge you for costs we incur if we must ship hard copies of documents to you via the US Postal Service or an overnight courier service, or if we incur other expenses as your agent.

Either you or we can terminate our relationship at any time, but you will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of fees already paid to that point.

Who is responsible for filing the annual report?

Our fee does not include filing the annual report that must be filed before May 1 each year on www.Sunbiz.org with the State of Florida’s Division of Corporations. You may file this on your own, or you may engage our firm each year – for an additional fee – to file it on your behalf.

How to file the annual report

If you fail to file the annual report by May 1, there will be a large late penalty assessed to renew your entity later. In the meantime, the entity will be inactive and not allowed to conduct regular business in Florida until it is reinstated.

At the time of filing your annual report, you can change your entity’s office and mailing addresses; and you can change the e-mail address for notices from our address to yours. You may also change the registered agent.

If changing to us as registered agent from a prior agent, please enter this as the name and address:


1901 W Colonial Drive

Orlando, FL 32804

You will sign the new registered agent line on our behalf as follows: “Joseph E. Seagle, Manager”

How to sign the annual report and other documents if you have a trust as manager of your entity

If we have formed your entity with a trust as its manager, be sure to sign the annual report and other legal documents in the trust’s name rather than your own. This means that you will sign as “John Smith, Trustee.” This name is not indexed and is not searchable online. However, if someone searches your entity for some reason and opens the annual report filings, they will see your name as the person who signed as trustee of the management trust. Some clients have signed their annual report in the name of the trust itself and had no issues, so you may also try that. Alternatively, you may appoint a friend as a temporary co-trustee to sign the annual report as the trustee of the management trust.

What now?

If you want us to serve as your registered agent, simply let us know via e-mail, and we will serve as such subject to the terms we’ve set out above. Once we receive your engagement request e-mail, we will set up the matter in our system and may confirm or obtain additional information from you.

If your entity already exists, and we are in the last part of the calendar year, you may want to wait to switch to us to be your registered agent. Instead, wait until January when filing the entity’s annual report, and change the registered agent on that form. This will save you time and money. If you decide to handle the change of registered agent in this manner, please let us know so we can explain how to sign the annual report on our behalf and what information to include at the time of filing.


We look forward to many years of serving as your entity’s statutory registered agent.