Land Trust Fees

*The fees above may be updated from time to time. Any beneficiary of a trust agrees that the fees appearing on this page are the charges they will pay when the services are rendered, regardless of what the charges were at the time the trust was made.

Download Forms

Feel free to download and use these forms to speed the trust formation and administration process.

Clerk of Court Instructions

Many clients purchase properties at mortgage foreclosure auctions and tax deed auctions. It is best, if possible, to take title at the auction directly into a land trust so that your name never appears in public records, and so that any problems with the property won't attach to your by mistake. Complete this form at such auctions to tell the clerk how to title the property you're purchasing

Direction to Trustee

We will not take any action as trustee on a beneficiary's behalf without written direction from the beneficiary. That written direction may be electronic (email, text message, fax, etc.) but in more formal situations such as purchases and sales, we require this form to be completed, signed and returned to us before we can proceed.

Closing Instructions

For: The closing agent handling purchases where TRSTE, LLC is named as the trustee of a land trust that is purchasing the property.

For: The closing agents handling the sales or transfer of a property from TRSTE, LLC as trustee, please coordinate directly with our trust administrator.

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