Trust This with Joseph Seagle
Trust This with Joseph Seagle
Trust This. Stoicism in Entrepreneurship ft. Asad Ahmad

Asad Ahmad, founder of FitBiz CPAs, shares his journey of building a specialized CPA firm for real estate investors. He started his career at big four accounting firms but became interested in real estate investing and saw a need for CPAs in the industry. Ahmad quit his job, started FitBiz CPAs, and focused on networking and building relationships with real estate investor associations. He emphasizes the importance of discipline, stoicism, and meditation in managing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Ahmad also discusses the challenges of scaling a business, dealing with doubters, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right team.

*Building relationships and networking are key for business growth.
*Discipline and stoicism are important in managing the challenges of entrepreneurship.
*Meditation can help with focus and managing stress.
*Thinking outside the box and breaking traditional rules can lead to success.
*Surrounding yourself with the right team is crucial for scaling a business.
*Discipline and Stoicism in Entrepreneurship

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00:00 Introduction and Background
06:47 Transitioning from Big Four to Entrepreneurship
13:20 Discipline and Stoicism in Entrepreneurship
20:56 Surrounding Yourself with the Right Team for Scaling a Business