Trust This with Joseph Seagle
Trust This with Joseph Seagle
NAR Settlement Roundtable: Reshaping Real Estate Practices
Don’t miss our roundtable discussion on the NAR Settlement and its implications on the real estate profession hosted by our very own, Joe Seagle!
Our experts panelists discuss the role of buyer’s agents and the value they bring to the transaction. The conversation highlights the importance of education and professionalism in the industry. Overall, the participants believe that while there may be some changes, the real estate market will continue to thrive. The conversation explores the potential impact of changes in buyer’s agent commissions in the real estate industry. The panelists discuss how different market segments may be affected, with lower-end buyers and sellers being more cost-conscious and higher-end buyers valuing representation. They also touch on the ease of obtaining a real estate license and the potential for amateur agents to leave the industry. The conversation highlights the need for agents to demonstrate their value and professionalism to clients. The conversation concludes with a focus on the need for experience, education, and a strong value proposition to succeed in the changing real estate landscape.
Contact our expert panelists:
Andres Hebra – Brokerage Owner, La Rosa Realty Premier
Richard Terrell – Mortgage Broker, Appli Home Loans
Joseph Seagle – Real Estate Attorney, Aspire Legal Solutions
Jessica Narazio – Owner, Your Title Connections
Thomas McNamara – Real Estate Agent, EXP Realty 
Joseph Dionne – Mortgage Broker, Appli Home Loans