Trust This. June 9, 2023

Happy Friday! June is National  Homeownership  Month. Real estate professionals working to turn renters into homeowners can check out these MGIC resources. 1 big thing: Security deposits go away Photo: Chris Barbalis Florida renters can pay a monthly fee instead of a security deposit. The new law will be Florida Statute Section 83.491 and goes into effect on […]

Trust This. June 2, 2023

By Joseph E. Seagle, Esq. 👋 Happy Friday! Today is National 🍩 Doughnut Day and National 🍨Rocky Road 🍦 Day. That sentence had too many calories, so I’ll stopthere. Situation Awareness: We’ve sold our office building and purchased anew one. We’ll be moving at some point in the next four to six months,but we’re changing […]

Trust This. May 26, 2023

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff for summer vacations. Situation Awareness: Starting January 1, 2024, to be eligible for recording, a deed must include the printed name and address of each witness who signed the deed. Time to update those templates. 1 big thing: Restricted foreign ownership Source: DALL-E2 Florida’s new Conveyances […]

Trust This. May 19, 2023

By Joseph E. Seagle, Esq. 👋 Happy Friday! Today is National Endangered Species Day. My favorite formerly-endangered species in Central Florida is the beloved 🦭 manatee. If you haven’t visited a local spring lately, today is a great day to see a manatee. Situation Awareness: Hudreds of Florida real estate lawyers, including yours truly, are […]

Trust This. May 16, 2023

By Joseph E. Seagle, Esq. ● May 16, 2023 Smart Brevity® count: 4 mins…1027 words Hello! You’re receiving this e-mail because you may have conducted business with LTSC in the past, and this is the fastest way we have to get in touch with you. We publish a weekly e-mail newsletter each Friday morning, and […]

Trust This. May 12, 2023

By Joseph E. Seagle, Esq. ● May 12, 2023 Happy Friday!  Mother’s Day is this Sunday. You still have time if you haven’t sent a card or a gift yet! 1 big thing: New property fraud law Florida’s Legislature voted unanimously to create an anti-property-fraud pilot program in Lee County and included provisions for an opt-in notification system for property […]