Trust This. December 22, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! It’s the day before 🎅 Christmas Eve Eve 🤶, and this will be our last newsletter of 2023. I’ll be at our second home in Asheville for the next two weeks to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year with family. However, if anything needs to be signed for a trust or as a registered […]

Trust This. December 15, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday and National Ugly 🧑‍🎄 Christmas Sweater Day. Wear ‘em if you got ‘em! Situation Awareness: Watch your inbox for annual trust maintenance fee invoices going out over the next few weeks. Also, be on the lookout for information about our revamped registered agent, annual report filing, and FinCEN BOI report filing services for 2024. We’ll handle […]

Trust This. December 8, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday and the second day of Hanukkah 🕎! I’ll keep this one short while you grab a latke. Situation Awareness: We received all tax bills and sent them to all beneficiaries via our online portal (Clio). If you haven’t received your properties’ tax bills, please e-mail us so we can re-send them. 1 big thing: Banks […]

Trust This. December 1, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! Today is World AIDS Day, which started in 1988 as a global movement to unite people in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Approximately 39 million people are currently living with HIV. More than 35 million people have died of HIV or AIDS-related illnesses over the past 40 years, making it one of the […]

Trust This. November 17, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! We’re thankful for our readers, clients, beneficiaries, vendors, crew members, families, friends, pets, and everyone who gives us a reason to get out of bed daily. We’ll be taking off next week to celebrate 🦃 Thanksgiving 🥧 for all of these things formally, and we wish you all a great Thanksgiving week ahead. 1 big thing: More […]

Trust This. November 10, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! Our offices are closed today for Veteran’s Day (Observed). We’re also moving to 1901 West Colonial Drive over this three-day weekend so it’s going to be “busy” but not very “productive” for a few days. 🔌 Electric 🌼 Daisy 🎪 Carnival 🦄 (AKA: EDC) is in Orlando this weekend to add to the activities nearby. If you’re downtown and see a […]

November 3, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! Don’t forget that 🌞 Daylight 🛟 Savings 🕑 Time ends this Sunday morning when we 🍂 fall back an hour. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep! Situation Awareness: 2023 tax bills are flowing into our offices steadily from all 65 counties where we currently hold properties in trust. We are working as diligently and fast as possible to scan and share them […]

Trust This. October 27, 2023.

1 big thing: BOI Regs on the way Starting January 1, 2024, intelligent real estate investors and Realtors must be prepared to adopt the protocols of Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting. Why it matters: BOI reporting will impact almost 40 million businesses nationwide. Its goal is to boost transparency and accountability—aka thwart would-be money laundering schemes. In […]

Trust This. October 20, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! This Sunday will be National Make a 🦮 Dog’s 🐕‍🦺 Day. Subaru created the day to remind us to adopt, don’t shop when it comes time to let a dog pick you as its human. 1 big thing: 1 million fewer Realtors? Chaos is wracking the National Association of Realtors leadership, and two class action suits are facing the Association […]

Trust This. October 13, 2023.

👋 Happy Friday! Of course, today is Friday the 13th 🐈‍⬛, the second and final one of 2023 (the other one was in January which seems like a lifetime ago). It happens at least once every year, and can occur up to three times in a year. According to “Long considered a harbinger of bad luck, Friday […]