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There are only six states that have land trust enabling legislation: Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, North Dakota and Virginia. And they all work a little differently.

How do Florida Land Trusts Work?

The Florida land trust is a legal way to protect the identity of a property’s true owner by creating a unique legal relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary. Property owners with large property holdings or who have name recognition with the public often seek ways to protect their anonymity. A land trust provides privacy of ownership, ease of management, asset separation, and easier transferability of ownership.

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What are Florida Land Trusts?

The Florida land trust is a unique relationship between the trustee and beneficiary that protects the privacy of the property’s true owner. When used properly, the land trust provides privacy of ownership, ease of management, asset separation, and easier transferability of ownership. 


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We hold properties in trust for investors and others who desire that extra layer of privacy and asset protection in their real estate ownership and transactions. Our name appears on the Official Records, in the County Property Appraiser and Tax Collector Records, on leases, deeds, and permit applications. Your name doesn’t. We and you are the only ones who know you own the property.





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